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Your Solar system replaces your electric bill !

Proway Exteriors has its own solar program doing it in house we can give better service and pricing. We provide full-scope project management, warranty services, financing, and solar/energy efficiency installations. This is an amazing HOME IMPROVEMENT project!


Proway Exteriors has offices in DFW, Lubbock and Houston Texas. Coming very soon is expansion into Austin and San Antonio

Getting a quote is easy, just send us a chat and we will follow up with you, the best way to get an ACCURATE quote is to have a full 12 months electrical usage and bill history. We won't quote you off an old electric bill and we won't offer free money in return. We like to do it the Proway and that's the right way. We will be FULLY transparent during the process and KEEP our promise. Our average install is 60-70 days here in Texas. 

Lets us help you with an affordable option to traditional electricity. With the cost of electricity rising each year we can lock you in at a rate that never changes. You can always count count on the same bill month after month. Why get billed higher rates and have yearly increases, save that money for other expenses. 

Here is how solar works : 

Enhphase Solar , Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock
How solar works
Enphase Solar Syetems
LG Solar Systems


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