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What to Expect from Proway Exteriors 


So the big day is finally here and your roof is being installed. By now your Proway Exterior project manager has looked at your home and together you have planned a great project. 

Here are a couple pointers for build day! 


  1. Make sure all vehicles are pulled out of driveway Our team will be using your driveway to load a trailer with your old roof. 

  2. The project is loud and messy, hauling off your old roof is not an easy process. Don't worry! We will clean it all up for you! 

  3. Have any and all gates unlocked so the crew can get around the house 

  4. Have your pets in a safe and secure place, the little critters will probably be a little upset, strangers and noise! 

  5. Your Proway Project Manager will be there to quality check the work for you. 


GAF Shingles Houston Texas

Removing multiple layers and decking! 


Here is a home that had three layers of shingles, we never recommend adding additional layers to your roof but as you can see we got it torn off and put new decking on the home. Using the proper decking, adding vents and this home now has not only a new roof but added ventilation. 

Proway Exteriors

Proway Exteriors

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Your Proway Project manager will double check to insure your home is one layer or two and make the correct recommendations. 

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